Shropshire Doctors Co-operative Ltd (Shropdoc) provides urgent medical services for patients when their own surgery is closed and whose needs cannot safely wait until the surgery is next open, i.e. evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

If you have a life threatening event such central chest pain, severe breathlessness, a suspected stroke, a prolonged fit (>10 mins) or a fit in a child call 999.

Links to Health Advice

Other sources of advice

  • Child with a temperature advice
  • Pharmacies manage many minor illnesses and also repeat prescription requests (link to local pharmacies)
  • A/E – only attend A/E if you have a significant head injury (knocked out bleeding) a burn, a wound likely to need stitches, an injury likely to need an X ray or you have been involved in a road traffic accident
  • Emergency contraception go to your local pharmacy
  • Suspected STI/ sexual health query – Phone 0300 1230994.

If you need urgent medical attention that will not wait until your own surgery is next open, call 08444 06 88 88.

For emergency dental issues please phone 111.

If your condition can not wait for 1½ hours this is likely to be an emergency, e.g. choking, chest pain, blacking out, blood loss. Please dial 999.

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