Future of Civic Centre – have your say!

Whitchurch Town Council are asking for residents’ views on whether they should obtain the freehold of the Civic Centre from Shropshire Council.

On Thursday 3rd December at 7pm there will be an open session for local residents to express their views to the Town Council regarding the future of Whitchurch Civic Centre.  The Council’s Civic Centre and Markets Committee are asking people to come along to the meeting and give their opinions and thoughts, because Whitchurch Town Council has been offered the freehold of the building by Shropshire Council.  All residents are invited to submit their comments at this meeting.

Town Clerk Stephen Platt stated “There are potentially two offers on the table – one being that Whitchurch Town Council takes on the freehold of the Civic Centre or that it simply continues with the leasehold, either option affects how we operate within the building going forward.”

For a number of years Whitchurch Town Council has only leased the building from Shropshire Council at a peppercorn rent of £1.00 per annum.  It is hoped that the freehold will be returned to the Town Council who were the original owners.  Whitchurch Town Council wish to ascertain whether the people of Whitchurch do indeed wish for the Town Council to go ahead with the plans to take on the building.

For more information please visit the Whitchurch Town Council website at: https://whitchurchcouncil.uk/freehold-of-civic-centre/

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