Message from the Mayor

Whitchurch Town CouncilMessage from Councillor Bev Duffy, Mayor of Whitchurch, to everyone in Whitchurch

We are in extraordinary times. We have seen a nightmare situation unfold in Italy and we must do all we humanly can to stop it happening here. Every person in our town has a role to play.

It is vital that we stay at home wherever we possibly can. Going out needlessly endangers us and endangers others.

Please do not do it.

Staying at home will not only save you, it will save your family, save your friends, save your friends families, save the town.

It is not enough to just think of yourself.

Covid19 is not just a flu. It is a new disease and we have no immunity to it. We cannot ignore it and carry on as normal. The UK is two weeks behind Italy in terms of the spread of the disease – where nearly 1000 people each day are dying. We must stay together as a community and we must all stand united to support and care for each other in any way we can.

Many small groups are springing up to support people e.g. street groups, local organisations, to offer help such as:

✓ a friendly phone call

✓ picking up shopping etc

✓ collecting up essential supplies i.e. medication or posting mail

If you are a lead contact for your group please get in touch with Whitchurch Town Council at the Civic on:

Your group can be added to the list that the Council is compiling and local people asking for help/offering help can be directed to the nearest help group.

Below is a form, widely circulating on social media which you could use to offer help to your neighbours. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there, so please, as always, be careful who you give money to.

Please check the Whitchurch Town Council Facebook page or the Whitchurch Town Council website for updates on government advice and details of local help groups.

Above all keep well and keep positive.

Very best wishes to all of you from all staff and councillors at Whitchurch Town Council.


If you have an urgent enquiry regarding Whitchurch Cemetery please email in the first instance copying in

Please note that only urgent queries will be dealt with at this time.

Staff from Whitchurch Town Council will be working remotely after 25th March 2020 and will be contactable via email only during normal office hours Monday – Friday.

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