Box of Frogs – Improv – Main Show

Box of Frogs, Birmingham’s premier Improv Group, brings you a night of high-octane improvised comedy, based entirely on your suggestions. Expect the unexpected as quick-witted players conjure up hilarious spontaneous songs, sketches and scenes on the spur of the moment. Performing entirely without a script, half-a-dozen players and a musician will create a night of “Whose Line Is It Anyway” type comedy, with improvised songs, stories and silliness.

Improvised comedy group Box of Frogs warmly invite you to be part of their crazy, mischievous little family for one night. There is nothing that can prepare you for the evening ahead, even the members of the group have no idea what is going to happen after the audience is settled in. But the one thing that can be guaranteed is you’ll be laughing throughout.

Sit back as a whole host of games are played out in front of you, the best part being the performers are at your mercy. You, the audience, get to decide what type of action is about to unfold on stage.

Age 16+

Venue: The Marquee @ The Dodington Lodge

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