ODG Consultants

If you are a new business looking to break into your market, produce a business plan to secure funding for launch, or you’re an existing business looking to re-structure, optimise productivity or profitability, or you’re looking to grow and expand, ODG have the support you need.

With over 10 years in Business Analytics, initiating and managing investment projects of up to £1.5m across various industries. Specializing in business growth and optimization as well as inception and development. We offer numerous packages ranging from a single 1 hour consultation, to day rates and long-term packages. Prices start from as little as £50, get in touch today to realise and maximise your company’s potential!

Its not always about the money. The best changes you can bring to your business are the ones that don’t cost anything, that’s where My experience will pay dividends!

Call today for a no pressure, no commitment conversation about how ODG can help most!

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