Whitchurch Wasps (swimming club)

The Club was established in 1984 by local parents wishing to promote the sport of swimming. Over the intervening years the Club has grown and evolved. Today the Club has about 65 members, ranging from children as young 7 upwards.

The Club is affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) and has adopted their Child Protection Procedures and Equity Policy [ PDF ] . The Club is a registered Charity (1115454) and is managed and controlled by its’ trustees, and is bound by it’s constitution.
The Club offers individuals (mainly children) the opportunity to improve their strokes, increase stamina, compete in galas, enjoy themselves and generally participate in healthy recreation.

Swimmers that wish to swim competitively are encouraged to do so as the Club believes that competition and success are key ingredients to building self confidence. The Club has enjoyed success in coaching swimmers in both sprint and long distance disciplines and has over the years seen many of it’s swimmers go on to swim for County and/or Country. Even those swimmers not wishing to compete are encouraged and targeted to constantly improve upon their Personal Best times. Individual and team targets and goals are seen as key motivational tools and recognition of achievements and frequent two way feedback between coach and swimmer are made use of at every opportunity.

The Club competes in the Speedo and Crusader Leagues. Swimmers also have the opportunity of competing in friendly galas, the annual Club Championships and Open Swim Meets. As many swimmers as possible are encouraged to compete in the Shropshire County Age Group Championships which take place each year from February to March.

Pool & coaching time are structured according to ability with new young swimmers starting off in our stroke clinics being allocated 2-3 hours per week. As swimmers progress and wish to devote more time to training, further pool and coaching time is allocated up to a current maximum of 8 hours per week.

The Club utilises training times at a Whitchurch Swimming Centre.

In addition to regular training sessions the Club also organises occasional Swim Camps during the school holidays, land training and specialist stroke, dive and turn clinics.

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