Town Team

Whitchurch Town Team is a committee working to enhance the town in line with the actions from the Town Plan 2011.

Whitchurch Town & Parish Plan 2011 – PDF version

Whitchurch Town and Parish Action Plan 2011 – PDF version

Originally the group was called ‘Whitchurch Town and Parish Plan Implementation Committee (PIC) and over the last three years has identified and supported organisations and individuals who have taken on work to implement the wishes of the Community as laid out in the WTPP 2011. At the AGM in November 2014 it was agreed that the group change its name to Whitchurch Town Team to reflect its on-going work across the whole of the town.

The Team is a partnership of Shropshire & Town Councillors and officers, representatives from Whitchurch Chamber, local social housing landlords, Farmers’ Market and Fairtrade Town Group, as well as local interested people, including some who have worked on the WTPP from the first stages, who have taken on specific roles.

The following lists some of the work that the Team have completed over the last few years:

Action 2.9 – Town Centre properties have been improved.  Joint Commissioning and Economic Board has been set up and is working with empty property owners and identifying ways in which the empty buildings can be done up and brought back into use – work on-going.

Action 7.1 – Whitchurch has a high quality 21st Century multi-use community facility.  The refurbishment of the Civic Centre and incorporation of the Community Hub gives residents and visitors a great service straight from the High Street.

Action 8.1 – There is a measurable improvement in the appearance of the town centre and a scheme is in place to make sure that this improvement is maintained.  A Shop Front Grant scheme has enhanced the appearance of the town centre.  The Town Team continues to work with the Chamber and Town Council to make sure these improvements are maintained.

Action 8.3 – Identify owners of run-down properties to identify improvements.  The Joint Commissioning and Economic Board is doing this work and reports back to the Town Team at meetings.

Action 8b – To sustain and further develop a thriving market town centre.  This includes a range of successful markets and events, as well as a greater diversity of independent and multiple retail units with more people shopping in the town centre.

Action 12.1 – The whole community knows its Police and Community Support Officers.  West Mercia Police Safer Neighbourhood Team for Whitchurch have a page in the monthly Gossip with contact details.  This Team also regularly attends the Local Joint Committee meetings, as well as Town & Parish Council meetings, to feedback and engage with local issues.

Objective 13 – to improve the coordination of, and access to, community information and events

Action 13.1 – Town website.  This website is an action from the Town Plan and aims to coordinate all information about the community, for visitors and as well as people living in Whitchurch.

Action 13.2 – to bring together all event organisers.  A Markets & Events Group has been set up to coordinate the calendar of annual events, to organise ‘whole town’ events & markets, as well as promote these events through advertisement and articles in the local press, magazines and newsletters.

Action 14.0 – a range of special events take place throughout the year:  for example annual events in Whitchurch include: Party in the Park, Food & Drink Fair, Our Big Gig, themed markets, Community Games, Fireworks, Blackberry Fair, Christmas events, Christmas markets

Action 16.11 – Walkers are Welcome (WaW) events take place in Whitchurch.  The town now has accredited Walkers are Welcome status and the WaW group has organised two successful annual walking festivals.

Action 17 – Transport.  A local person continues to fight for improvements to the bus and train services, lobbying for changes to the new bus service when it was implemented, as well as liaising with the Strategic Rail Partnership on behalf of Whitchurch to keep the issue of a lift for the station as a priority.

Whitchurch Town Team meets every other month on a Tuesday evening.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the group please let us know via the ‘Contact Us’ form on this website.

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