Bill Hancock

Bill Hancock has over 27 years of experience in the driving instruction industry and is a grade 6 instructor and has scored 6 on every check test since 1992.

I try to explain things in a plain jargon free way that should help you not just to pass a test but to teach you to drive in a safe manner.

I explain how to use the clutch in a way that is quite simple to understand, totally jargon free and a 10 year old could understand it with no difficulty. How to get out of situations that arise and believe me they do, on today’s roads they are busy, people are in a rush they don’t stop to consider you the learner driver. I’ll show you how to cope with things that arise on the road that are never taught by many driving schools, things like if you get confused on what lane to use on a roundabout. I’ll show you how to deal with that in a safe way and would not go against you on a driving test. How to deal with reversing when things don’t quite go to plan. You can spend hours getting the reverse right on driving lessons and then on the day of test something happens that throws you, I’ll show you what that is, how to deal with it, and more importantly how to fix it.

Knowing something is not enough. Anybody can know things, it’s understanding that is important. Let me give you an example, mirrors first before you slow down to stop. Anyone can check mirrors before stopping, the real skill is understanding why you should check mirrors, what are you looking for and how to act upon what you see, and it’s that understanding that saves lives, maybe yours.

I cover all of Whitchurch SY13, Ellesmere SY12, Malpas SY14 & TF9 and the surrounding areas.

Have a look on my Facebook page, see who has passed you may know some of them, you can book your theory test and your practical test, you can even apply for your first provisional licence just follow the links.

All of the show me tell me questions are are on here have a look at them and get your test off to a flying start.

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