Whitchurch Town Team – Markets & Events Group

Whitchurch Markets & Events group was created as an action from Whitchurch Town & Parish Plan 2011.  The aims of the group are:

• to coordinate annual events in the town, by creating a calendar to avoid duplication of dates and identify gaps in the year when events could be organised
• to organise ‘whole-town’ events to increase visitor footfall in the town and support promotion of these events
• to coordinate a bi-monthly advertising campaign in local publications
• to create promotional material, thereby increasing awareness of Whitchurch and the events taking place
• to facilitate insurance cover for ‘whole-town’ events
• to assist and support ‘whole-town’ events.

In order to achieve these aims the group meets on a 6-8 weekly basis in Alderford café, if you or an organisation you know would like to be part of this group please get in touch through this website.

To date, Whitchurch Markets & Events Group achievements are:

• New ‘whole-town’ events have been organised – the Spring Fair and Gardeners’ Markets,  and the Group will be supporting new events for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations and Worldwide Whitchurch Weekend.

Gardeners market stallholder photo Spring Fair poster 2016 Party15 37 Gardeners Market poster Graffiti Art walkway

• An annual insurance policy is purchased to cover 15 ‘whole-town’ events, including 11 x Farmers’ Markets, Whitchurch Food & Drink craft market, Blackberry Fair and a Spring Fair
• The Group coordinates a bi-monthly advertisement and editorial in Yattar Yattar magazine, a free publication available from Sainsbury’s and the Community Hub
• The Group designs and produces a postcard, advertising the town and the annual event programme available from most events and community venues.

postcard website and events 2016 FINAL front postcard website and events 2016 FINAL back page

Whitchurch Markets & Events Group has members from Whitchurch Town Council, Shropshire Council, Whitchurch Chamber of Trade, Farmers’ Market, Walkers are Welcome group, event organisers and business owners, all working together to promote and market the town, to increase visitor footfall, thereby putting Whitchurch on the map as a place to visit, shop, do business and generally have a good time.

The Group reports back to Whitchurch Town Team and provides information for the Whitchurch Town Council annual meeting.  Whitchurch Town Council has provided funding to assist with marketing and the Group also receives business sponsorship.

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