Melverley Farm

This farm was maintained using organic methods until taken over by the SWT.  The meadows are full of the flowers that used to grow everywhere in England before intensive farming methods were introduced.

You can spot this island of quintessential England a mile off. Surrounded as it is by large, deep green fields and arable crops managed within intensive production systems, walking into Melverley Farm is like slipping into a different world. Dense hedges crowned with mature oaks, ash and horse chestnut enclose small fields that hum with insects and brim with different grasses and flowers. There are also several field ponds, good places for dragonflies, frogs and newts

Old, flower-rich hay meadows rarely survive now outside nature reserves; Melverley Farm, amazingly, continued in its old-fashioned farming ways, right up until 1995, when the Trust bought it.

Look out for old favourites such as ragged robin, common spotted orchids, pignut and kingcups. All these plants used to be much more widespread; here you can still count on finding them.

Part of the farm is grazed by cattle, the rest is hay meadow. June is the best time to visit, when the hay meadow is in full bloom. But remember this is a working farm with livestock, so please shut all gates behind you, keep dogs under control and stick to the paths.


Follow signs to Ash. From the pub in the village of Ash Magna go along Church Lane, past the church and turn right onto the no-through road. There is a small car parking area on the left.

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